Ted Canji

ted@canji.us | 773-392-0936

I am currently a Web Developer on the Web Services team in the ITS Department at Chicago Public Schools. I have experience and skills in a broad range of interactive multimedia fields, from front-end design to Adobe Director programming to Moodle LMS implementation. My experiences as a designer range from book and newspaper layout to DVD interface and packaging to front-end web site design. In these various positions, I have used my design and technical abilities to satisfy a wide range of clients. Please review my current work by clicking on the resume link.

In my previous position at Wheeler Multimedia, I had the opportunity to program a 25 CD project out of Governors State University for the training of adoptive and foster parents that is used in Canada and by Illinois DCFS. I have recently created a prototype of this course in an on-line format, using the Moodle LMS. I have also contributed my programming skills to the redesign of the Waters Elementary School web site. The work that I did at Wheeler requires me to assess projects and apply the principles of information architecture to the structure of the page and design accordingly. I have a particular interest in service and educational projects with an educational focus, and I think that the sort of work that CPS would require would be a good match.

My past history as a designer includes designing and authoring CDs and web sites for clients such as Trek, Frito Lay, and Philip Morris. I have extensive experience in working with other departments to achieve a solid final product that looks great and functions well.

My years of experience in technology and design have given me a unique perspective on the needs of modern site design and functionality. I work well in a collaborative environment and bring a fresh perspective to projects that require both technical and artistic expertise.

I look forward talking with you about a position at CPS.